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Category: Reports


On February 27 and 28, the Teatr Wielki hosted a cycle of cultural events officially closing the Jubilee Year.

The events taking place in the framework of "3 Days with Chopin" were organised by the Chopin2010 Celebrations Office, Teatr Wielki – Opera Narodowa in Warsaw and the Fryderyk Chopin Institute. The undertaking covered among others press conference summarising the Chopin Year, spectacles, concerts, film shows, games and animations for children, presentation of Chopin benches and collection of posters and books which had been published to celebrate the anniversary. In this particular time spacious interior of the National opera building, from the Foyer downstairs to the Redutowe Rooms were changed thanks to outstanding scene design by Izabela Chełkowska.

Redutowe Rooms

On Sunday morning the Redutowe Rooms in the Opera building were full of children which came with their parents for the specially prepared for them spectacles. The Białostocki Pupeteers Theatre two times presented its spectacle prepared especially for children, titled "Chopin Impression" directed by Lesław Piecki. Children also watched the staging of the poem by Michał Rusinek titled "Little Chopin" (pl. "Mały Chopin") performed by Antek Barłowski from the Konsekwentny Theatre.

In the late afternoon, musicians performer on stage. Maria Pomianowska together with the Polish Band performed the concert titled: "Chopin on 5 Continents", during which unique arrangements of Chopin music were performed with the use of various instruments from around the world. Another important event was the Polish premiere of the music text by Salome Broussky titled "Monsieur Pichon" with the participation of Andrzej Seweryn and the Motion Trio band. At the end of the Sunday meetings with the music the Marcin Grochowina jazz trio performed a concert titled: "Chopin Visions".

On Monday, at 12.00 in the Redutowe Rooms, the Press Conference summarizing the Chopin Year celebrations in Poland and abroad took place. Bogdan Zdrojewski, Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz and Waldemar Dąbrowski answered journalists’ questions. In the evening concerts took place, among others the Polish premiere of the work by famous composer Hugues Dufourt "L'Essence intime des choses" with the participation of Nadine Denize (mezzo-soprano) and Maciej Pikulski (piano). The Voice Factory band presented vocal arrangements of Fryderyk Chopin compositions. Jazz appeared once again at the end of the evening. The Włodzimierz Nahorny Sekstet presented the project recorded on the CD "Chopin Genius Loci" made of jazz arrangements of the Chopin themes. At the same time, in the Moniuszko Room, a performance of the Mazowsze Folk Ensemble titled "Polish Suite" took place.

The decoration of the Redutowe Rooms in their nature and colours fitted the remaining parts of the stage design. Guests were welcomed by the exhibition of posters reminding of the number of Chopin events organized to celebrate the Chopin year and a large-scale map of the world with marked the places where in 2010 Chopin events took place.

POT Room

The visitors who wandered between the Redutowe Rooms and the Main Foyer passed through a round room reminding everybody about "Chopin. The Course", the sea journey of young adults on the flag ship "Fryderyk Chopin" on the seas and ports of Northern Europe. The Polish Tourist Organization (pl. Polska Organizacja Turystyczna, POT) hosted the exhibition and organized the sea journey.

Main Foyer

The piano from Chopin's times was placed in the very centre of the exhibition. On the music stands for scores a rich collection of 130 Chopin publications was presented, from scientific monographs, score editions of Fryderyk’s compositions and other editions up to popular books such as tourist guides, albums, novels and stories for children. In the background, on both sides of the Chopin stand with books souvenirs and sweets, on the walls two presentations were shown reminding the events organized to celebrate the composer in Poland and abroad.

Moreover, in the Main Foyer on the opposite to the Redutowe Rooms side a corner for children was prepared. On Sunday morning it was filled with the chatter of kindergarten children having fun with animators. They had access to educational games made by Editorial Team ( The most popular task was "Orchestra Puzzle", "Spot the Difference" and colouring pages prepared by the Editorial Team. In addition, children could have their faces painted by professional make-up artists. Another attraction was knowledge competition with prizes. They concerned Fryderyk Chopin’s life and were conducted by the Konsekwentny Theatre.

Just by the corner for children, there was a makeshift cinema room "Ballada" where the most important documentaries dedicated to Fryderyk Chopin and the celebration of the Chopin year were shown. In total, nine films were presented:

  1. "Fryderyk 2010" (director: Jerzy Szkamruk i Ryszard Sławiński; produced by: TV Project)
  2. "The Course" (documentary from the sea journey of the flag ship „Fryderyk Chopin”; realised by: Monika Mroziewicz, Grzegorz Rybak, Grzegorz Wrona; produced by: Polish Tourist Organization (pl. Polska Organizacja Turystyczna)
  3. "Mazowsze Chopina", director: Zbigniew Szumera; produced by: Fundacja Teraz Mazowsze)
  4. "Efekt Chopina" (director: Krzysztof Dzięciołowski; produced by: Vision House)
  5. "Pod banderą Chopina" (documentary from the sea journey of the PNRSO; author: Violetta Rotter-Kozera, produced by: Krystyna Nowojska)
  6. "Serce Chopina" (director: Piotr Szlasza; produced by: NHK, Satel Film, Brize Film)
  7. "Ostatnia Tajemnica Chopina" (direktor: Ireneusz Dobrowolski; produced by: Film Group REKONTRPLAN)
  8. "Sztuka Chopina" (director: Gerald Caillat; produced by: Ideal Audience, ARTE France, Plesnar Films)
  9. "Chopin 2010" (pra-premiere of the film presenting the most important moments of the Chopin Year; director: Rafał Wróblewski; produced by: Jacek Sylwin Management,  Chopin 2010 Celebrations Office, Adam Mickiewicz Institute)

More information about the final concert "3 Days with Chopin" in the Warsaw Philharmonic.