• Chopin Year Celebrations

    A Calendar of Events letting you know what, where and when is happening throughout the Chopin Year:

    • Events: concerts, exhibitions, shows and many others
    • Reports
    • Interviews
    • Kordegarda CHOPIN 2010
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  • Information Resource

    A wealth of information about Fryderyk Chopin’s life and work:  

    • Quizzes and interesting facts
    • Recommended recordings and publications
    • Educational resources  
    • Image bank  
    • Presentation of places connected Chopin  
    • Links to competent sources
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  • CHOPIN For Kids

    An inspiring guide helping children to enter the exciting word of Fryderyk Chopin’s music:

    • Interactive games and activities for the youngest ones
    • Tips and guidelines for parents
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  • Inter:Act

    Engaging social networking initiatives revolving around the Chopin Year.

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  • TV Programme

    An archive of past episodes of the show broadcast on TVP1 plus.

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  • Chopin 2010
    Celebrations Office

    A platform for exchanging information between institutions, journalists and organisers of jubilee events. Brings you official information about:

    • Past, present and planned activities of the Office
    • artProjects: mobile artistic projects
    • Chopin-themed tours
    • Chopin 2010 Press Office

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